Twice the speed of sound


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Digital video projection.


‘One has never seen the world well if he has not dreamed what he was seeing. In a reverie of solitude, which increases the solitude of the dreamer, two depths pair off, reverberate in echoes which go from the depths of being of the world to a depth of being of the dreamer. Time is suspended. Time no longer has any yesterday and no longer any tomorrow. Time is engulfed in the double depth of the dreamer and the world. The World is so majestic that nothing any longer happens there, the world reposes in its tranquillity.’

Gaston Bachelard, The Poetics of Reverie pp118.

Many of the works have concentrated on the idea of reverie, or the absent minded but lengthy rendering of an ‘image’.

The artist is seen whittling a rough Concorde from a lump

of chalk. When the plane breaks and the artist continues

to whittle, questions arise as to whether it is the form that is being made that is important, the pile of chalk dust being drawn in her lap, or the reverie of the lengthy process in itself. The ambiguity between the formed representation and the formless, perfection and failure, the utopian dream of flight and the falling amorphousness of the dust, are played out, while the viewer is seduced into the action of creation.

all works © Lisa Peachey 2015