Unfathomable metronome


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all works © Lisa Peachey 2015

120cm x 700cm

Sapele, French polish

Considering the notion of reverie, and the desire to impart

a sense of duration and care into the work.

French polishing is a long, drawn out and highly skilled process, that is nonetheless domestic and familiar in its intentions. Considering where it is that art resides (a  domesticated thing whether in the gallery or in the home) the artist turned to domestic objects that are polished on a daily basis, creating a patina of order in both additional removal processes(removing marks while adding a new layer of polish) and also physically layering up time.

A softly concave oval was polished to the length of the artist’s arm – the polish then breaks where they object is too long for a fathom’s width, and the two ends of the wood are left raw, tainted by the mechanical ‘witness marks’.